FestivalExciting tradition and dynamic of youth. This city escaped from routine! You might find a great cultural monuments and take a part in innovative events. Extreme sports, charming and mysterious streets of Old Town, different sounds and place for the meeting of cultures. That’s Lublin – the perfect place for a short trip. There are numerous theatres and music clubs hosting artists representing nearly all styles in art. The Centre for Meeting of Cultures reflects Lublin’s rich and multi-cultural history with perfect scenery for restaurants serving delicious cuisines influenced by city’s history. The flagship festival which is coming soon is the “Conjurers Festival” http://en.sztukmistrze.eu/ Over 40 different events and festivals attracting a wide audience each year like

Film and Art Festival 'Two Riversides' featuring the best Polish and foreign films, theatre performances, http://www.dwabrzegi.pl/en/category/news-homepage/

The Jagiellonian Fair is the time when traditional culture is presented by the goods of music, singing and dance https://en.jarmarkjagiellonski.pl/

The European Festival of Taste focuses on multiculturalism and the culinary heritage of the Lublin region.

You can feel it only in Lublin. Each will deliver an unique and unforgettable experience!

To experience the uniqueness of it and further details on how to fly to Lublin see www.airport.lublin.pl/en/




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